Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Gifny Richata of Hajarbroxx Motorcycles has just sent me these pictures of their latest creation. Enjoy!

2001 Kymco Dink 150

    The concept was to build a 80's-enduro-looking scooter. The stock bodywork is entirely replaced with customized one made from iron plates, the frame also had some modifications on the seat part and the swing arm is also extended to almost 10cm. The engine is in stock condition but the piston is replaced with a taller one taken from a Honda. And the carburettor is replaced with a 2-stroke Kawasaki Ninja 150 carb. The wheels are stock but the tires is replaced with fatter ones which fit without modifying the shocks/swingarm. Brakes and discs are stocks, with modified cables due to longer wheelbase length and new bodyworks. The compartment and floor deck are made from alloy to reduce weight, and the exhaust muffler is custom made from stainless steel tube. Other details like the indicator panels and switch housing are custom made from dural alloy.

Saturday, 18 February 2012


A friend of mine took this pictures. He is a great photographer. Please visit his blog for more fantastic pictures.

Friday, 17 February 2012



When Thomas Köhle got to Beijing China in 2007  he realized all those vintage looking sidecars driving around the streets which most resembled those WW2 BMWs, but turned out to be Chang Jiangs:  "Right at the beginning of WW2 Hitler and Stalin where allies. As a gift Hitler forwarded the Beemer-drawings to Stalin which produced URAL, DNEPRS based on the technical specs. In the 1960ies the Commies forwarded the drawings to China which produced those sidecars until the 1990ies and used them in their Army.

Chang Jiangs are available with 24 hp SV flathead engine or 32 hp OHV engine. I usually keep fingers of the OHV-engines and only recommend the small version. The OHV’s ain’t that reliable to me" says Thomas

For the future he works on a project with Jim Bryant (he owns a CJ shop converting the Chinese rides with original Bimmer-engines) with stretched rake, springer fork (already did one together Jim) and a hardtailed version.

Currently in the works is a sidecar rig for himself and a repro mil-sidecar for a fellow in France.

So far he has already sent bikes to New Zealand, France and Germany.

Parts have already been sent to (16inch wheelset) to Brunei and Germany.

There are many shops in China claim they do custom-rides – but except changing colours and play around with chromed parts they do not have any other ideas.

'I claim myself to be the first “real” customizer on the Chinese Chang Jiangs here in China'. says Thomas

check out his website for more great stuff: http://www.4444-chang-jiang-design.com/