Monday, 14 March 2011


Suzuki GT750 Vallelunga

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  1. Had two "Water Buffalos" in the early eighties...semi cafe'd. Passed on the opportunity to buy one of the factory werx racers,,,kick me please. These are bitchjin' scooters, no matter what war paint they wear,. This is a lovely piece here for sure.....great name.....deTomaso produced a handful of mid engine coupe's called Vallelungas as well, before the Mangusta....which, i owned deTomaso Mangusta 8MA-1148, the name Vallelunga strikes a chord within me....this is a beautiful piece...i love the laced wheels....sick to death of cast wheels, on bikes especially....looking at this is bringing on the old fever....i've been trying to get into a 1968 Post B-body Coronet roller, as i'm seeing the numbers start to drop lately, that i can build in to a corner carver.(they are exceptional if You stay small block)Cars that i adore as much as the Mangusta, but the "Goose" is without question the most visually intoxicating car can have the Aventadors, Murcielagos, RUFs, AMGs and what not.....they still can't "Pose" like a "Goose"....back to topic....looking at this jewel is making me re-think my next would certainly be cheaper and quicker to build a bike and the two "Zuks" i had were a thrill...they made the most of the moderate HP...mine had Jardine cans on them which gave a little extra grunt and shaved almost thirty pounds off. Bikes were not as heavy as they looked and had impeccable balance...feet on the pegs at less than a snail's pace., that wide assed case made it act like a gyroscope. This one is so pretty and businesslike. If i did a fully Cafe'd Buffalo, i would go fully faired. I' m curious about the power output of this one....i'd make a wild guess at about 105-110. At roughly 72, stock, but w the cans, the performance of my twowas fairly startling...ported low w/ red @ 7000, there was no lag and 5-7 was damn near as fast as i could shift....i can imagine what one with upwards of a hundred horses and a good amount of weight shaved off would be like.. Did i already say kick me for not buying the factory werx 750?