Friday, 29 April 2011


Foundation of JAWA company and JMT alliance
On the 23rd of January 1878, Frantisek Janecek was born in Klaster nad Dedinou in former Czechoslovakia.
He studied mechanics at the technical school in Prague and continued with his studies at the college of Berlin. He then returned to Prague, where he started to work for Kolben in Vysocany (one of the biggest companies in Bohemia). At the age of 23, he was entrusted with the management of a new factory in Holland

At the age of 31, he started to work independently and opened his own mechanical workshop in Prague. After a short active duty at the Italian front during World War I, he went back to the drawing board and soon he obtained about sixty patents. The most well known invention of that time was Janecek's hand grenade.

After the decline of the armament industry in 1929, Janecek decided to start the production of motorcycles immediately. There was no time to develop an engine of his own. Although he didn't have any experience with motorcycles, he was familiar with production techniques

Janecek chose between the Austrian double piston two-stroke motor of Puch, the Berlin two-stroke of Schliha, and the new Wanderer 500 cc. Janecek chose the Wanderer.

Because of the collapse of the German motor industry, Wanderer had already decided to stop the production. This is because they didn't think it would be profitable to directly compete with BMW. The name JAWA came from the first two letters of Janecek and Wanderer.

Similarity is foundation JMT Alliance in 2005. All companies Motoscoot, Jawa and TMEC are partners starting cooperation to be able continue in development and produce high quality modern products.
We hope it will be same milestone like 1929 when Janeček takes over Wanderer.

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