Thursday, 30 June 2011


We have already featured a fantastic Royal Enfield from Wannabe-Choppers, and now here's their second product, a magnificient iron. Besides the bike being a great one, let me tell you, I've never seen transporting a bike the way Ricky did it. He stuffed the whole bike in the back of a tiny 3-door ford fiesta. This and the fact that their workshop is a basement underneath a basement shows how how devoted this guy is. Please visit his website (not yet translated from German unfortunately), and wish him good luck.

Here are the lines he sent me about the bike & his shop:

it´s a 1971 with a bolt on hardtail, jockeyshift, flying eyeball gascap, racing only exhaust and other weird shit!! everything is handmade (welded, milled, "Blacksmithed", casted, handhammered, "englishwheeled" and so on in my workshop in a basement underneath a basement ( as you can see on my website: Wannabe-Choppers)

if you're a young guy like me (21 when i built it) it´s natural, that you don´t get any money -so you have to do everything by your own and low budget- the ironhead is including the basis and the customizing 1300,. euros (1885USD)-

and last but not least- i´m going to start my professional business in august, so keep watching on my site where you can buy parts and supporting stuff from august on.

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