Monday, 20 June 2011


I got this letter today:

HELLO THERE,,,,, greetings from the far east of indonesia

hi im ariadi of "uprising" from indonesia.were a local clothing company who loves to collaborate with local builders.above are our newest work and we are working to build our own workshop soon.i hope you guys can help me out by posting these on ur website.its a 1969 honda s90 caferacer and a 1976 honda cb 200 clubman.
for more detail pics please visit my blog

thx for the support

and do let me know if ever you guys do come down here to jakarta INDONESIA


Now, if you want to see the c90, you'll have to visit their blog. But here's the clubman, and I also found their logo absolutely fantastic, so I put it up here too. Hope they'll send one over to me to stick it on my bike. :)

What is interesting, however, that although being a clothing company, I couldn't find any pieces of clothes on their site. Mysterious... :)

more cool stuff here:

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