Friday, 3 June 2011


Zene Canario sent this little Yamaha over to me. He wrote a little about the building of the bike.

"the bike was bought from a scrapp yard as a non runner wreck for the sco0l project of mi jung brother i always like cafe racers and all the custom scene so we decided to build a little cafe racer.. Starting by getting it runnig, it wasn't too hard clean the carb, fresh petrol, remove the air filter and it start running, after that dismatle the hole bike to clean it,cut the back of the frame a little, got some clip ons for it from a honda nsr 125 they where too big so had to do some mods to get them to fit, after that change gaskets, clean up the engine, skim the head a bit polish the ports, got some diferent speedo and rev counter, paint the petrol tank, reabuild the bike and runn it"

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