Monday, 6 February 2012


Richard Pouwels and Kim van Loon from the Netherlands form a fascinating Historic Sidecar Racing Team. They have two Classic Ironhead Sidecar Racing Bikes, a "seater" and a "kneeler", both powered by Harley Sportster Ironhead Engines.

Richard and Kim's current "kneeler" Ironhead racing bike, which went through quite a bit of development over the years. The frame was built by Kobus Bouwman. This type of frame is called a "kneeler": to reduce drag the driver actually rides the bike sitting on his knees.
  • Front wheel: 16 inch / tire: Dunlop sidecar race
  • Rear wheel: 12 inches / tire: Yokohama racing
  • Sidecar wheel: 10 inches / tire: Yokohama racing

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