Thursday, 28 June 2012


She was originally a V1000 G5 so isnt a rocket ship but easily does the Ton.  Handles nicely and with Bridgestone BT45's shes great through the country roads.  

This is my first project so it wasnt a ground up restoration as the motor and frame were in good condition.  Still, I stripped it all back, re-gasketed and measured everything and re-built it in 7 months, I wanted to ride not spend years in the garage.  

Instead of painted stripes it uses car wrapping foil (easy to replace for a new look any time).  New wiring throughout with led lighting all round, all in one rear winkers/brake/tail light for a tiny concealed look.  A modified Rizoma plate bracket, machined to fit the Guzzi rear drive box.

Had to keep in the limits of the German TUV regulations which are pretty restrictive but picked a bike year that allowed some flexibility, kinda why it hasnt got racing pipes!  Oh well...

Next project will be a ground up but I dont know what or when yet!

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